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Another Infinity speed drop

Over the last year our line has been down 5 or 6 times for between 4 and 21 days at a time. The latest two, first being the 6 Jan 2013 till 8 Jan 2013 just the phone off engineer arrives on the 8 jan sorts out the problem in a few minutes and tests the Broadband (I'm on Option1 up to 40Mbs)  download 36/37mbs up 7/8mbs max I can get on this line he says is 50mbs so not worth upgrading to option 2 I think, unless it is for the unlimited downloads. Anyway I'm quite happy with 36    mbs so no problem off he goes. Two weeks later almost to the day down it goes again this time both broadband and phone here we go again I think to myself so ring our friends in India to report the fault, no land line so have to use the mobile charged at national rate. This is Sat.17 Jan. on Wed 23 Jan. call from openreach on the landline your phone is back on sir, so straight on the PC check my speed which is the first thing I do whenever the line goes down which in our case is all too frequent the broadband speed like a lot more on this forum has suddenly dropped to 20mbs download and 4mbs upload. How can this be when as far as I am concerned has changed.

      So to summarise before the phone line went down this time I was getting 36/37mbs down and 7/8mbs up.

                                                                                   now I am getting  20mbs down  4 up but they say there is no problem with line. So on the sound advice given on this Forum I am off to email the mods see if they can help since as far as BT customer service is concerned the line shows no fault so it must be OK. Sorry if this is a bit garbled and difficult to understand but I am just so frustrated. Cheers

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Re: Another Infinity speed drop

Hi rafikiralph,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. We've got your email and we'll be in touch shortly.


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