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Anyone in Scotland have any idea about EO lines?

Hi everyone

This question has been asked before I know. We moved into a property in Dumfries and Galloway which is EO, we live on the very outskirts of a village that is fibre enabled and a few if the houses over the fields from us are also enabled

I have been checking on open reach to see if there are any plans to start work for fibre but nothing, it says the exchange is fibre enabled but we are EO only so not sure where that leaves us, we are currently receiving 4mbps at the very most and that’s when it’s not dropping out!

I also follow digital Scotland to see how things are moving along and it says they are hoping to sort a lot of the EO properties but the end of March 18 but obviously not us! Also the pledge of having everyone on fibre by 2020 isn’t far off!

I know you can community fund etc but there aren’t enough properties/interest along our little stretch of road for that to be viable.

It’s just very frustrating when only a few hundred metres away they are all getting fast speeds and we seem to still be in the 90s!
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Re: Anyone in Scotland have any idea about EO lines?

I was in the same position as you. Also tried talking to connected communities, digital Scotland and to be honest I formed the option that they did not know what was going on and any problems were not there’s. I tried open reach my email, no joy, BT lots of times with lots of different anwsers from lots of different people, not there fault , I honestly believe the depts don,t talk to each other.

So out of complete frustration , I contacted my MSP who was both sympathetic and helpful, two months later contractor turned up out side my home, re dug trenches put in when the village got Broadband 8months ago, put in a six foot section of pipe work and cable to my EO line junction box, 3 weeks later two openreach engeeers from a different island turned up and spent 4 days here cabling my House to the system, not connected yet as there now seems to be a mother problem with being able to order.

So you have nothing to lose and lots to gain by asking you local MSP for  help.



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Re: Anyone in Scotland have any idea about EO lines?

@Lgt88  If you are EO line and only get 4mb connection then you are presumably on a very long line back to the exchange  For EO line openreach normally erect a new fibre cabinet outside the exchange which enable customers to get FTTC but with your length of line it would be unlikley you could get fibre  you can see how fibre speed drops off over distance


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