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As good as it gets

Well my infinity 2 is running at 42Mb DL again.... last time I was told that is as good as it gets and nothing can be done.... but when I asked for a termination date I was connected to someone who wanted to extend my contract and eventually the uk team who took a only a few minutes to boost my speed back up (even though I'd been told multiple times it was not possible). A local BT engineer has told me the local area old copper wire network is not capable of supplying an increasing demand at a regular high speed and everyone in this area will receive a reduced speed (depending on several factors as to how slow it will be). I watch buffering youtube clips and my games from uplay and steam take hours longer to download than it would take to walk to the shop and buy Smiley Sad 

today I sifted through the responses from my google search of BT broadband slow and found no problems in my area and BT reports this is the right speed available for me but when I went to a BT site to help fix my bb it wouldn't accept my phone number so I had to put in my account which also had no effect it just didn't work.... but that's not important... while trying to get my account number I logged into my bt and couldn't access my account without going through a BT ID setup.... it was ridiculously infuriating when I just wanted 1 thing without being forced to go through a Q & A session. 

I like BT and I can put up with 80% of my max speed I don't like but can get by on 65% of that speed but 50% is poor and the BT ID was the last straw so I'm saving £$ per month and switching to 100MB DL from VM who I detest... hopefully until the local network has improved (or enough leave to let the lines stabilize at a higher speed Smiley Happy)

It would be nice (I know it's not possible) if an ISP stated upto xxx speed but we guarantee yyy speed or you don't pay that month

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Re: As good as it gets

I pay the same as you, but due to cable routing I have 11mb down.


Having said that it works totally fine, except for the 0.8mb upload.


I never get buffering on youtube and I have 11mb down.

It even copes fine with 1440p resolution videos too.

Amazon and iplayer also run flawless.


Anything over 40mb should be flying,I just downloaded Wolfenstein The New Order from steam,

40Gb+ overnight in around 8 hours.


I have found that my friend who is on Virgin, that sometimes the download speed from steam is not

much faster than mine and they have buffering on youtube.


They have also have severe throttling on torrents, once they download 10gb in a day and throttling

at peak times for youtube.


Headline download speeds are not the be and end all.


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