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BT Broadband cutting out every day


I have had BT broadband for years now and it's never been good, but it's the best service in my area. For the last year or so, my broadband has been cutting every day for 5 minutes to 1:30 hours, This is very annoying as I am a huge PC gamer and this means I can barely play. I have had at least a dozen Openreach engineers all saying there are no problems and just reset my broadband at my exchange, one Openreach engineer said that when he checked the connection through his diagnostic system, that there were no problems but the cable was in a very bad condition which caused the internet to cut out, and he said he would call an Underground engineer but when they arrived they just said nothing was wrong and reset the connection like everyone else. I wouldn't be as annoyed if I got good internet when my broadband is up because I pay for 60MB/S but I'm am not even joking, my average speed is 500KB/S, which isn't even good enough to stream Youtube, let alone Gaming. I need to find a solution because 500KB/S isn't enough for a family of 5. I would be open to any solution, I was looking at a BT 4G smart hub. If you know anything that could help it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: BT Broadband cutting out every day


A few things to help you (and the forum) out. 

  1.  Can you go to the DSL Checker type in your number and take a screen shot of the results and post it back here?  Remember to remove your number from the results before posting the image here.  Use the Photo's button to post the image.
  2. What Hub/Router are you using? How are you connected to it? 
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Re: BT Broadband cutting out every day

post stats from your hub  if hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information

is it your actually internet connection that is dropping - hub lights changing colour - or is your wifi that is dropping connection?

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