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BT Cloud & Photo Albums

My Question is 

I want to use the BT Cloud to Backup my photos which are sitting on my PC in various Folders which i want to use as albums

I have up loaded the the photos but it appears that all photos go up to the All folder and not into the relevant Albums ie it dosnt allow you to create a folder on BT Cloud then upload photos directly into that folder

Is there a way i can do this or if i sync my 100GB of photos which are sitting approx 40 Folders the software will automatically do this

On Google Photos you can create an album then access that album and import photos to it


There must be a way surely


Thank you

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Re: BT Cloud & Photo Albums

BT Cloud is on its way to the knackers yard, where, IMHO, it should have been consigned some time ago.

If you can stomach Amazon, then Prime gives you unlimited photo storage and I have found it good. It isn't worth getting Prime just for that though.

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