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Re: BT Fibre 1 Hub 6 Repeated disconnections - going on for 7 days now

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Hi @Falthin,

Thanks for posting. We have your details on our queue and will get to you as soon as possible but as @pippincp has mentioned we are really busy right now.



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Re: BT Fibre 1 Hub 6 Repeated disconnections - going on for 7 days now

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Thank you,  I'm not being impatient with you guys, it's BT's handling of it through the fault system that is annoying.


However,  Further to the fault tracker update this morning 

8:03am  BT The Engineer visit is complete.

10:00 am,   the OpenReach engineer arrived on the doorstep.  After a short spot of confusion from us both he came in and plugged his machine in and we started again.  This time however, it failed while he was plugged in and he immediately saw there was a problem outside. ( as I had suspected ) 

( I think it had got a bit worse because it had started to trip out when I picked the phone up over the last couple of days ) 

He went out and spent a good while looking at the wires  ( which is what I wanted from the 16th Sep ) and said he had seen damage or something that wasn't right.  He spent more time outside and said he thinks he's fixed it.

He ran a few more tests inside and , at the moment I'm back up to 80mbps as he's re-set the line.

We just have to wait now to see if it starts disconnecting again. 

I have his contact details to leave a message for him directly if it fails again.

So the BT fault system is appalling but at least this openreach guy managed to find a fault and put the time in to try and put it right.  And if it didn't fix it fully at least it might be quicker to get straight to the problem next time.


Apparently, it really is the luck of the draw whether or not the failure is detected when they're looking for it  if it's an intermittent fault. But despite the on going fault from 17th BT hadn't passed on information that he could use to investigate if he hadn't detected it right away.


Fingers Crossed


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Re: BT Fibre 1 Hub 6 Repeated disconnections - going on for 7 days now

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Just a quick message to say   thanks for the advice and offers of help.

It looks like this last engineer managed to fix the external fault.

The line has been 80mbps for the last few days and seems stable.

It took a month but in the end ,  same as my experience a few years ago,  all it took was for an engineer to actually check the external wires visually in order to find and correct the fault. 

It's a shame that the description of the fault doesn't trigger this action automatically - might lead to better results  than requiring 6 engineer requests.


anyway thank you and I hope other people's faults get sorted out too.