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BT HomeHub 2 - Upgrade ?

Having been considering upgrading my flat's LAN to Gigabit, I have just discovered to my horror that the HH is a version 2. I've had it for a while, and there is NO gigabit port.


Should I be shouting at BT or should I just go out and get a new device?



I should point out that I ideally want WIFI (N definitely but optionally B/G) and CABLE (Gigabit) connectivity.


I would like to deploy some cable and WIFI based IP cameras to enable remote monitoring inside my flat while I'm away.

If possible I'd like to access these cameras remotely (I don't mind having a dynamic external IP number).


Any thoughts?


I've seen comments about the DRAYTEK router but wondered if there had been any developments since?



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Re: BT HomeHub 2 - Upgrade ?

I would have thought that 100mb Ethernet was quite fast enough, as your broadband is only 38mb max.


Unless you plan to transfer very large files over Ethernet connected devices with gigabit ports, on your home network, the extra speed is not going to be any advantage, as the gigabit port will simply connect at 100mb.


Your home hub 2 does support port mapping and DDNS, e.g. DynDns. The home hub 3 fails to do port mapping.


You could buy another modem/router, but it would probably give you no advantage.


I believe the HH2 does have wireless "n", or that is what I was told.


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