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BT Infinity 2 Engineer Installation Process

Morning folks.

I'm having an engineer visit my property on the 8th of March 2018 as I've ordered BT Infinity 2 aswell as a BT TV package. The line that feeds into my house comes from a pole down the street and attaches to the property above the front bedroom outter wall then runs down the outside face of the property and enters near the front door and ends up at a hole in the wall at the bottom of my stairs. (There is no faceplate or anything just a hole with a wire feeding though it, It's been like this since we bought the property a few years ago.)

Now that location is useless to me as there is no electrical socket nearby. I've tried and been unable to find a definitive answer to the question of relocating the master socket. Ideally I would like it placed into the upstairs front bedroom / home office where I have plenty of electrical sockets and where most of my equipment that is reliant on a stable and fast connection is placed.

BT themselves have only offered me the expected scripted "It's up to the openreach engineer on the day." answer which I find utterly riduclous. Surely the service should be as uniform as possible and not reliant solely on how any given employee (Engineer) is feeling on a particular day. If it was solely due to technical reasons then that would be absolutely understandable but to be reliant on how someone is feeling at a particular time or day regarding the work they will and will not do is absurd.

Just want to know where I stand on this issue. If the engineer refuses to place the master socket where I would ideally like it then I'll have to just simply refuse the install and find another provider such as Virgin Media.

Any feedback and or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
Many Thanks.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT Infinity 2 Engineer Installation Process

It is up to the engineer on the day after having seen the property and where the customer want the master socket to be located. There is no way the Customer Services could give a definitive answer without knowing how cables etc would need to be routed in each individual property.

The engineer will discuss it with you and inform you whether or not your preferred option is viable.

If you are not happy, cancel your contract.

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