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BT Infinity 2 Service dropping PPPoE session every 24 hours?

Hi guys,


Recently I've been having a slightly weird 'issue' (If you can call it that) in that every 24 hours my router (Seperate from my Modem) is forced to get a new IP from BT which happens around mid-night. This can be very frustrating if I'm using the connection at this time as it ceases all traffic until it gets assigned a new IP.


This never used to happen as of a month ago.


My router isn't set to renew the IP so it appears BT is forcing the connection to re-authenticate.


The connection is as stable as a rock with 28 days uptime (HG612) and the Router is also very stable with 27 days uptime (7800N). It just seems to be the PPPoE session being terminated and re-authenticating every evening.



Any ideas why this could be happening? Is it a new policy or something for BT to dish out a new IP every evening?


Many thanks for your posts,



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