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BT Infinity 2 and Master Socket.

Hello all. We ordered our BT infinity 2 and telephone line and they said the engineer will be coming on the 13th to set things up. After looking through the installation of BT infinity I found out that it has to be connected to a master socket. This is my problem.
My master socket is located right next to my main door and there is an extention socket in my bedroom. Can I have the master socket moved during installation ? Having a bt hub where you keep your shoes looks odd. Will the engineer relocate the master socket or change the extention socket into a a master socket or I shouldn't be expecting anything ?
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Re: BT Infinity 2 and Master Socket.

Reading through some of the posts, a lot of the installation depends on whether you get a decent engineer, luckily I did.

My master socket was in a downstairs room and my study / office is in the room right above it. I explained to the engineer what I wanted / needed. He was a bit hesitant as he said it meant him having to drill through an external wall, No it won't as I already have a hole that talkes an extension from the master to the study, right easy he says he could convert the extension to the master and make the old master socket the extension. Great, cup of tea and a few hob nobs later job done.


If the engineer can not do what mine did he should fit a 30m extension lead to the master socket and you can plug the hoem hub to this, my understanding is that the extension cable is pinned to skirting or wall they will not lay kit under carpet.


Good luck



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Re: BT Infinity 2 and Master Socket.

Thank you. Hopefully I end up with someone who is more of a good guy. 

Just another question and forgive me for my ignorance but is this what a master socket is supposed to look like?

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Re: BT Infinity 2 and Master Socket.

It all depends if you get an openreach engineer or contractor (quinn or Kelly's)
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