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BT Infinity Activation Farce

Staying with relatives at the moment who have BT Broadband ADSL that gives them 2Mbps Down and 440Kbps Up they are in rural Fife.


I noticed what appeared to be newish FTTC cabinet just 300 metres or so from their home so did a bit of checking on the BT Openreach web site and discoverd that they could indeed get BT Infinity and at a rather nifty speed. See image below.


So they signed up for BT Infinity on a new 18 month contract at an additional monthly cost of £8 and an activation date of the 24th January and received several lovely emails from Libby Barr MD of BT Customer Care thanking them for their order and giving details etc.  Their new HH6 arrived and they plugged it in and it worked fine - albeit at the speed of their ADSL package. 


Come the 25th January no sign of the BT Infinity on their line so they call 0800 800 150 and after a very, very, very long wait get through to an advisor and give their order number.


Advisor is surprised that their new service is not up and runnning and contacts Openreach to get an update. After holding for and age they are told that the BT Openreach Engineer went to the FTTC cabinbet to do the job on the 24th as scheduled but that he did *not have the key to open the cabinet* and did not do the job: hence no BT Infinity. 


They have now been told that their service will be activated on Monday the 29th January as this is the earliest that Openreach can do the job.


What a frace and a disgraceful level of service from BT not to check that orders have been completed and advise customers if there are delays or problems with the order. 


Let's hope the OPenreach engineer remembers the key for Cabinet 5 on the Newburgh (Fife) exchange on Monday. 



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