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BT Infinity Availability

Here you can find the answers to some commonly asked questions about the availability of BT Infinity in your area.  Just click on the questions below and you will be taken to the answers.

The Openreach site says my street cabinet is "accepting orders", but the line checker says I ...

Previously a date was showing when I could get BT Infinity, but now it's showing as unavailable.  Wh...

Some of my neighbours can get BT Infinity but I can't. Why is this?

I don't understand the difference between an "exchange" and a "cabinet"

There's a sticker on the cabinet at the end of my road which says "Fibre broadband is here", but whe...

How long will the Fibre Roll-out take?

Other internet service providers are offering fibre broadband in my street. Why can't I get it from ...

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