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BT Infinity - Purple Flashing Light.

Hi guys,


You know when you literally feel trapped and unsure anybody actually cares, that's kind of where I'm at...


It was my activation day yesterday and I spent most of the evening on hold or being put through to different teams becausethe BT Hub just constantly has a flashing purple light. Finally was told to wait until midnight.

Woke up this morning and still nothing. I've been through all the basic trouble shooting again and nothing. I was told an engineer will be with me on Monday between 8am and 1pm, however I work from home so arranging to be away from my home office has been a pain today/tomorrow and will be next week.


I guess my question is. How reliable are these engineers? What are the chances this is actually going to be fixed any time soon?

Reading some of the other horror stories on this forum has got me spooked big time.

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Re: BT Infinity - Purple Flashing Light.

Welcome to this user forum. Remember, people only post on user forums when they have a problem, read other user forums and you will find the same. Some issues are caused by installation errors.


Which one of these matches your master phone socket?


nte.jpg or oldnte.jpgor adslface.jpg ornewnte.jpg



Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

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Re: BT Infinity - Purple Flashing Light.

It's the first image, that's the one I have.

I don't actually have a phone line as myself and my partner do not require one. I had Sky Broadband before (literally yesterday before I unplugged it all). That all worked fine with an identical setup to BT Hub.

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Re: BT Infinity - Purple Flashing Light.

Until the phone is working, broadband cannot be provided.Have you receive notification that your phone line has been activated?


Plug a phone in and see if there is dial tone?


You need a BT Home hub 5 or 6 to use BT Infinity, which one do you have.


I assume you were on ADSL with Sky?


If you were on Sky fibre, then that would have been ceased, and a new connection made, provided that the cabinet was not full.


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Re: BT Infinity - Purple Flashing Light.

Thanks for the reply.

I have received an email yes, both are active. I've never used a phone before. I have the switch plugged into the box and have always only connected my Broadband to it.
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Re: BT Infinity - Purple Flashing Light.

I was standard Broadband with Sky before. I assume the Hun I've received form BT is the correct one? Surely?
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Re: BT Infinity - Purple Flashing Light.

Then you need to try a phone plugged into the phone side of the microfilter, if there is no dial tone, you have a line fault and will not get broadband.


Which home hub have BT sent?


Try this




If you still have a Sky box, then make sure its disconnected from your phone line.




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