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BT Infinity and BT Sport Installation Problems

I recently completed an order to have BT Infinity installed, but unfortunately could not get BT Sport added at the same time due to technical problems. I immediately called BT to ensure BT Sport could be added to the order to ensure that everything would be up and running on August 1st which is my installation date. The adviser assured me that I can call BT whenever I want to get BT Sport and BT Sport HD for free once the problems had been fixed and that everything would be fine for August 1st. I called up earlier today and was told that I'm going have to cancel my order and replace the order again to get BT Sport added on, however this will mean my installation date gets put back to August 8th or further back. Normally I wouldn't have an issue with this, but by pushing back the installation date, it will mean that I have no internet for at least eight days and my current provider have been unwilling to extend my broadband for a couple of days unless I wish to renew my contract with them. I'm just really annoyed as I called BT as soon as I was aware of the issue and was assured that everything would be fine, but now they have changed their tune and tell me that it is not possible to get everything for August 1st. If I had been told this when I originally rang, I could have done something about it, but now it is not possible. In short, I'm not really impressed with BT's service and expected a lot better from a major company. 

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Re: BT Infinity and BT Sport Installation Problems

Although BT are a major UK company and incumbent Telecom operator, they have seen fit to outsource support to the 3rd world so the service you get is supplied to 3rd world standards, not UK standards.
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Re: BT Infinity and BT Sport Installation Problems

From what I understand BT sport is available to all new & existing customers so I'm sorry to say you've been misinformed. They way it works I believe is once you've got your BT ID after installation, you will be able to activate your BT Sport services by logging in to your BT account once BT Sport launches.




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