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BT Infinity and customer care is beyond a joke.

A few months back I sat in my house being bombarded with phone calls from BT sales men and women, trying to sell me the latest product to come from BT - BT Infinity. They cited that it would be incredibly faster and more stable than my current line and that it was only a fraction of the cost more. I'm not the bill payer so I shrugged it of, but mentioned it to that person.

When we decided to move house we were going to join a different ISP, because we've had bad experience with customer service from BT. BT Continued to bombard us with phone calls daily about how great BT Infinity is. I told them we were moving house and they said "no problem, BT infinity can be switched straight over to your new house the day you move in!". I was slightly sceptical but we decided to stick with BT and take on Infinity, because the nerd inside me was getting excited about the prospect of the advertised download speeds.

After applying for Infinity and signing ourselves up to the contract, all of a sudden things changed. Now the bill payer's 'name was on the paper' they told us the truth. "Due to the bad weather we have a backlog of work and will not be able to install BT Infinity until the 19th of February". I was incredibly annoyed at this, purely because we were told we would have BT as soon as we moved it. But I understood the fact the snow had been bad and gave you guys the benefit of the doubt. 

Come the 19th of February, I was away in Leeds, but the bill payer was at home. She called me to tell me that no Engineer turned up. She spend ages on the phone with nobody giving her a straight answer as to why the Engineer did not turn up. She was told on two occasions that she would be called back and never was, until she got fed up and called again.  She was put through four different departments before she was then given two conflicting statements: 1.The Engineer couldn't find the house and rang your old landline number instead of the contact number [ a little bit stupid don't you think? ] 2.The Engineer didn't have time to come to your appointment. Didn't have time? You mean the bill payer had time to wait in all day, taking the time off work and losing money? Incredibly pathetic response but we were assured we would have two Engineers come 10 days later to install our phone line and Infinity. At this point I told the bill payer we call it all off, but she was faithful to BT after being a customer for so long and decided to stick it out.
- On a side note, what is it with BT and 10 days? A quick Google search will tell you everybody is told they have to wait 10 days.

Come last Friday we had our phone line engineer turn up - hooray! He installed it and said that the Broadband engineer would defiantly be coming later that day in the PM slot. Guess what? He didn't. We rang up and were told that Openreach never 'authorised' this appointment. What?! So now we're dealing with two companies? BT told us it was on log that we've been told these appointment times and don't understand why openreach did not turn up. Incredibly frustrated we wanted to leave BT but were told that because it was the weekend they could send no one out, but they guaranteed us that an Engineer would turn up the following Monday. That would be today. 

I think you can guess what happened. No engineer ever turned up, we had no phone calls. But just do out-do themselves the phone line that was installed on Friday stopped working last night, fantastic! 

After spending about an hour on the phone today, on hold, changing departments. We were actually put through to a British citizen that could understand our accent, wow! She explained that for some reason our appointments are not being put through to Openreach's system. Openreach have refused to send out an Infinity engineer until the phone line is back up and running, but told the BT call centre staff little about actually fixing it.

That's it. That is all we have been told. We now have to wait 48 hours for an 'escalation' phone call. That's right, while being at work and college we have to somehow be alert for a phone call for 48 hours - do you think we have no lives?


But I'm not optimistic anymore, I know that nobody will ring us. What happens when they do? They will give us two new appointments for no one to turn up to? 


For over a month I have not been able to do any College work outside of College and due to health issues I cannot be in a lot of the time. I have a deadline on Thursday for three assignments which I have barely been able to start. The bill payer has racked up huge mobile phone bills and got in a lot of trouble for taking time off work - and lost a lot of money we really can't afford. 

We have put in three complaints and have had no responses despite being told we would receive phone calls. The twitter team asked me to send them an email and said they would call me within 36 hours, which of course they never did. 


I turned on the TV an hour ago to see BT Infinity advertised "super fast broadband speeds, no download limits, quick installation". Not quite living up to the claims eh?


I don't really no where to turn from here. I've been through countless departments, we've never been given a proper response and all this time I'm supposed to be doing work I cannot get online to do. Right now I'm using the openzone wi-fi which is incredibly slow untill about midnight, but the DNS keeps going offline. I've tried using openDNS but that will not let me sign into the wifi. I can't do any work because it keeps disconnecting me every 5-10 minutes. 


Is this the point where I say I'm done trying to get through to you guys and switch ISP? I really don't want to. I've been incredibly polite to everybody I've spoken to on the phone, with the exception of hanging up on the wi-fi helpdesk for telling me my account does not exist and he doesn't know what bridging is. I've been respectful of the fact they probably get an ear-bashing all day and I don't want to be like that.

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Re: BT Infinity and customer care is beyond a joke.

Turn to the moderators for this one, they take 3 working days to respond. Though they will be able to sort this out for you, make sure you specify numbers, e-mail and how you want to be contacted if you want a specific way to be contacted.


You can contact them here, they will take personal ownership over your case until resolved.


Your problem is far too common...

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