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BT Infinity problems problems problems ...



Just moved house, was lucky enough to be in a Virgin Media area at our last place and had them for 5 years. In 5 years we didn't have a single connection drop, I never needed to contact them and we had the same IP address since the day we moved in.


Knew we were moving, checked Virgin Media, didn't cover our new area so thought I'd get the best of the best of BT Infinity packages to compensate since I do IT from home. Ordered, installed, fine.


That's about the only bit that's been fine ... multiple times per day/night the connection just drops, out of nowhere, amber light flashing on the hub, that happens for about 10 minutes and then it just starts working again as if nothing ever happened. I counted how many times this happened yesterday, 19!!!!!


But the strange thing is when the connection drops, and the amber light flashes, even our INTERNAL network stops working? What the hell is that all about? I've never seen a hub work like this before? Basically if there is no Infinity connection, it stops anything from working INTERNALLY also? What is the point in that, as there is no need?


i.e. TV cannot connect to NAS. Laptop cannot connect to NAS.


Tried the "Live Chat" as don't fancy waiting on the phone,  didn't realise it was for INDIAN customers!!!! Tried fobbing my off with his translated script about how it is our internal wiring, and our connection is perfect. I don't think so! It's like talking to a BRICK WALL with these 2 pound per hour ROBOTS.


Where can I get in touch with someone English with a bit of common sense to sort these problems out once and for all?

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Re: BT Infinity problems problems problems ...

if you have a hh5 can you go to hub manager then troubleshooting then helpdesk and post 1-12


was it self install?  if so are you using the test socket with a new filter of do you have SSFP?


try quiet line test  dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone


did you turn off smart setup


if you are using wireless di you split the networks



also di you change lease time for wireless devices from 1 day to 21 days


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