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BT Infinity speed drop & problems getting it fixed

Hi mods,

Here's hoping you can help!

We had a local power outage on the 23rd May.

Prior to this we had no issues getting approx 50mbps as per our Superfast Fibre1 Unlimted package.

After the outage our average speed was 28mbps. Quite a drop.

I left it a few days to see if it resolved itself (openreach modem & home hub 3 were reset to test etc).

It didn't so I contacted BT tech support & they  sent an engineer out 30/05. 

After testing the engineer concluded that there was a fault & that it was theirs, not ours. They then booked an engineer to come out 01/06 to presumably repair the fault.. 

01/06 came & went. No contact or visit from the engineer. No contact from BT. And no uplift in speed. Still 28mbps.

I wasn't able to be in but my father-in law was. He called BT. BT said all is as it should be.. leave it a few days & it should be fixed.

In the mean-time the fault tracker on MyBT reported it as an open fault but also said "You have told us that your fault was fixed" which was basically untrue.

So I called BT tech again this week 04/06. After attempting to explain the above they decided to send another engineer out today.  I did try to explain that they had been last week & found a fault already to no avail seemingly.

Which brings us to today. The engineer was due between 13:00 - 18:00. And no engineer has been or callled. No-one from BT has called. And our speed is still 28mbps.

Due to the lack of communication & resolution I'm making this post in the hope you can assist us further,



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Re: BT Infinity speed drop & problems getting it fixed

Another engineer booked for tomorrow.. let's see if they actually turn up this time:P
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