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BT Infinity speed only 1-4mbps

Can anyone help me on here, I had BT Infinity installed on Tuesday 28th July and since then my internet speed has been a nightmare! It's actually slower now than it was when I had normal BT Broadband??? I spoke to them yesterday about it and changed the settings in my router "Hub 5" to 5ghz. It sped it up for an hour or so but today 08:00 which is not in peek times I'm back to 1-4mbps. It's actually faster if I switch off my wifi and use 3G on my phone! Surly this is not right????
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Re: BT Infinity speed only 1-4mbps

can you post stats from hh5  go to troubleshooting then helpdesk post 1-12


run btspeedtester and when first test completes then run diagnostic test and post results  MUST be done wired 



have you turned off smart setup


have your split the networks

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