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BT Infinity unlimited service Upload speed drop and performance issues since 9th Mar 2016



on 9th March 2016 i jumped on my Pc and i noticed that my IP had changed so i knew either my modem had either desynced or Bt rebooted my router.  so i did a speed test on and the speedtests where slow like 4mb download and 0.17mb upload which is frankly rubbish, throughout the day the download speed ranged between 12mb to 49mb later in the day but until 18:00 the performance was very poor sometimes the service would not even load webpages, reseting the router did nothing. today 10th March the download is back to 49mb which is usual before problems but on the odd time through the day it has been poor.  i used to get 49mb download and 8.90mb upload before the 9th March.


I have checked on and the line ip profile has gone up to 49.46mb from 47.22mb for downloads the upload ip profile always says 20mb but it always says that but the upload that test got is only 1.78mb and it used to be 8.90mb, so i am pretty peeved.  i am a gamer and a good upload speed is crucial as well as download.


i have phoned up and got tech support in india and he said that he did something and in 2 days it will get better, but from previous problems with line desyncing that has now stopped for 6 months after having to complain and complain so they sent a engineer out who comfirmed that there was nothing wrong with the line and all he had to do was phone a UK based tech support person who reset the line profile. 


I am in Torquay and there was a storm in the area and it was very windy on the 8th/9th March not sure if this has anything to do which the reset on my ip on the 9th and the follow speed problems?


help please!!!


As i think after 2 days there will be no improvement in the upload speed from 1.80mb to the 8.90mb i got 2 days ago. having gone through internet problems before with the Indian based Tech Support after 3 weeks of phoning up and being told they have done this and done that, eventually they will send out an engineer for no local fault and have to phone up his own tech support in the UK to reset the ip profile which could be done over the phone and fix it without a call out 





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Re: BT Infinity unlimited service Upload speed drop and performance issues since 9th Mar 2016

Are you using a home hub 5? If so can you post your router stats showing the connection rate?
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Re: BT Infinity unlimited service Upload speed drop and performance issues since 9th Mar 2016

Only an Openreach engineer can carry out a reset and then only if a line fault is found ISP's have no control over resets
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