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BT-OpenReach dialogue

An OpenReach engineer knocked on the door this morning to tell us that the broadband outage we've had for several weeks is due to a fault outside our home. He said he'd look into it and went away. BT then contacted me asking me to arrange another engineer appointment. I rang the original OpenReach engineer and asked why. He said BT shouldn't have asked me to arrange another appointment until the background issue was resolved.

When will BT and OpenReach sort out their communication problems and resolve people's issues? This is just another episode in a long saga of incompetence. Our compensation for several weeks with no broadband has been... £10. The only BT person I spoke to who took my complaint seriously promised to resolve it, and the next thing I heard was that the complaint had been closed, yet we still don't have our broadband back, I'm constantly listening to muzak on the phone for up to 30 minutes trying to get through to BT, and there's been zero communication about progress with the issue.  It's an absolute shambles.

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