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BT Speeds need 'FORCE?!'

Hi all,


So ever since I got bt infinity in July we have had 4 engineers out and all done the same tests etc, the most recent one managed to get my download speed up from 30mbs to 60mbs which we was promised speeds of 55mbs and /18 upload.


The issue is, if I am not downloading the internet will go slow, and in my own terms needs 'FORCING' to get up to speed which I find really strange.


If I do a speedtest with no downloading prior it will show around 30-40mbs both on and bt wholesale.


I am currently downloading a file and for the first 20minutes it was downloading at 3mbs-4mbs and now after the download running after the 20mins its now download at 7.5-8.5mbs (more than I paid for).


My question is...


how do I make my broadband peform at the top end all the times without 'forcing it'


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Re: BT Speeds need 'FORCE?!'

Are you using a wired or wireless connection?


can you go to troubleshooting then helpdesk and post 1-12


run btspeedtester diagnostic test with a wired connection then post it results 

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