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BT Ultrafast Fibre Plus specification?

I’ve recently had BT Ultrafast Fibre Plus installed.  In the “all about your order” email the following information is provided

How fast will it be?

We estimate your average download speed will be 145Mbps and your average upload speed will be 28Mbps.

However the IP profile is actually set to 220/20.  I am seeing measured download speeds in excess of 200 Mbps and upload speeds slightly below 20Mbps in line with this 220/20 profile.  These measurements have remained consistent since the install.

As my only reason for choosing the Ultrafast over the Superfast product was the potential for improved upload speed, based on my (mis)understanding that the Ultrafast Fibre Plus product is the BT Wholesale 160/30 product, I have spent some time on the phone to the FTTP team trying to clarify what the product specification is.  But without success.  I even asked the question “What BT product can I order to potentially obtain a 50Mbps upload speed (consistent with what the BT Wholesale availability check shows)?” and I was told that there isn’t such a product.  “20Mbps is as fast as it gets” and “10Mbps upload is what is guaranteed”.

Why do BT send out emails telling customers that their estimated upload speed will be 28Mbps if the product they are sold is limited to 20Mbps? 

Is there a product specification for BT Ultrafast Fibre Plus?  Or, based on conversations I’ve had with five different people in the FTTP team, the sales team and the faults team, does nobody actually know?

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Re: BT Ultrafast Fibre Plus specification?

The old FTTP profiles were  200/20 and 300/30.

However things were changed with the introduction of Ultrafast which is FTTP and G.Fast. I am not 100% certain but the download  speeds may be Ultrafast 1 up to 152Mbps  and Ultrafast 2 up to 314Mbps.  The upload speeds are 29 and 49 supposedly.

As far as the adsl checker goes I have seen instances for FTTP showing 1000 down 200 up.

I would hazard a guess that you may still be on the 200/20 old Infinity 3 profile rather than any new Ultrafast profile but unfortunately the only number we have on this forum is for FTTP 0800 587 4787 and it is unlikely the mods can help. You may need to keep badgering FTTP on that number or raise a complaint possibly.

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Re: BT Ultrafast Fibre Plus specification?

OK - thanks for this.  I may have another go at them in due course. My initial thought was that the old Infinity 3 profile has been applied. But after struggling through many phone calls to BT - trying to get past the defensive line that "we're only guaranteeing 100 down and 10 up – and you’re getting that – so what’s your problem?” I am beginning to wonder if my decision to pay the extra in order to get a faster upload speed was mistaken.

I have been unable to find any description of what the Ultrafast/Superfast products actually are – anywhere. So I can’t even tell if I would still be on a 20Mbps upload profile if I were to move to the cheaper Superfast product – as it’s simply not written down anywhere. I can see that the BT wholesale price list includes a 220/20 FTTP product and a 160/30 FTTP product (with the latter being cheaper incidentally). But nobody at BT Retail seems to know what product they are reselling (or if they do – they are not prepared to tell me)

I have tested speeds independently of the wholesale checker. The external infrastructure was only installed last month, so there are very few (if any) other users and I'm consistently getting around 210 down and 20 up - in line with the wholesale check and the IP profile information (also from the wholesale checker)

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Re: BT Ultrafast Fibre Plus specification?

Superfast Fibre is 55/10 - I'm on this
Superfast Fibre 2 is 80/20
Superfast Fibre Essential may be the old 40/10

The 160/30 and 330/50 are G.Fast products and should also be FTTP but these may well be 220/20 and 330/30.

Perhaps a mod could give some guidance as to whether the above is accurate.

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