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BT Ultrafast fibre issues - iphone

So yesterday I had this installed, and well what an experience so far.. I am finally getting good speeds on my laptop, having had to change the 5g channel.

I managed to get good speed on my iphone, but when I leave the house and come back home it seems the iphone reverts back to 2.4 g and thats the issue, maybe.  Then it seems to have slow wifi speeds (the iphone)  after a while it has picked up the 5G and the speed gone back up.


On my old router I split 5g and 2.4g on this router I cant.


How do I either split the router, or set my iphone to only use 5G?  I now wonder if I should ditch the smart hub 2(what a name!) and get something if its possible, that splits the bands if thats the answer?

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