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BT fibre speed issues

I have fibre the one with a theoretical speeds up to 300 mbps. The house is a new build and I have not until recently looked at the speeds I'm getting. They vary from 45 mbps to 100 mbps via wireless.

I did a speed test via the BT website and they confirmed 300 mbps to my modem was recorded. So something is going wrong my end of things. A friend said that you should not use cat5 cables which came with the router as they can only handle up to mbps but I'm not so sure that right.

I would be very grateful for some ideas of what to check / what the problem could be.
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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: BT fibre speed issues

No ISP will guarantee wireless speeds, there are too many variables.

Try splitting the 2.4G and 5G bands and try setting the channels manually to get a channel with less interference.

Your friend is talking absolute nonsense about cat5 cables.

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