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BT gone down hill...

So I've been a customer for over 10 years now and I've quite frankly have to say this is the worst service so far.


It started about 4 weeks ago when I came home from work and found we have no telephone and Internet. Rang BT and they said there is no fault on the line but might be something in the house. They gave me a ETA of 5 days for an engineer.

Two days later I ring them up again and they said they haven't even passed the fault onto Openreach. Good customer service there!!!


So 5 days later an engineer attended to say it has been fixed. Great but now my Internet keeps disconnecting and reconnecting multiple times a day.


I go away on holiday the next day for 2 weeks and when I come back, my Internet speeds are down to about 18m down and 3m up. Ring BT to report it and they said again its a fault in the house.


4 days later BT engineer attends and checks the line. Says theres no fault on the line but replaces some cables in cabinet to improve the speeds.


Last week (5 days from last fault) and no Internet again. Ring BT and they say theres a fault in your home and then again 4 days later engineer attends and does a full line check etc, says theres nothing wrong with the line to the house and got the Internet back on again.


Internet was fine for three days again then and on day 4, speeds gone down hill again to about 19m down and 3m up. The next day (Tuesday) and no Internet again. Ring BT to kick up a fuss and they said they can send an engineer out but it might cost £159 if the fault is in the house, the same BS I have been told for the past few weeks. BT engineer attends this morning and he wasn't even aware of the previous issues.


He did a full line test, checked the actual line from the phone mast to the house and this time he found out that the line is only running at 53 AC and it should be at least 60AC to function. He said it looks like a problem with the cabinet.


So once again, and 4-5 weeks later, still no stable Internet. Currently my Internet constantly reconnects and when I do connect for a few minutes, my speeds are down to 14m down and 4m up.

Phoned up BT and they have no idea when it is fixed and no idea what the cause is.


I've taken three days off from work for engineers to attend and its cost me enough money and time now.


So I'm wondering what my options are because quite frankly I've ran out patience with BT. Last time I had a main issue with BT it only took them 6 months to diagnose the problem and it turned out that my Home hub was faulty.




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Re: BT gone down hill...

Hi Phil,


Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I'm really sorry the fault hasn't been sorted yet, if you need any help Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



Community ModeratorNeilO
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Re: BT gone down hill...

So one engineer identifies a problem but doesnt do anything to fix it?

You just need to persist and get a decent engineeer.

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Re: BT gone down hill...

I am trying but I'm running out of patience and steam with BT.

Apparently they replaced the faulty fibre connection Friday but when I checked my connection it was up, but my speeds are about 19MB down and 4MB up when I used to be getting at least 30MB down and 6MB up.


BT have phoned me back today but all they said is that they need more time to fix this and couldn't tell me where the issue is. They wan't to send another engineer round.


I can't keep taking time off work to wait 6 hours for a BT engineer.

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Re: BT gone down hill...

"BT gone down hill..."



You're suggesting that BT were ever good in the first place.

These issues are commonplace for BT customers unfortunately.


My installation was messed up, needed three "engineer" visits, then a non existant sainsburys card delivery, and now discovering that the HH5 has a critical problem in routing internal traffic on the GB ports....

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Re: BT gone down hill...

In the years we were with BT, this is the second biggest problem I recall with BT.


The last one before this time only took BT 6 months to fix. I had to log about 14 faults and then one day 10mins after I had another disconnection a lovely BT engineer called me asking if I just had a disconnect as he was monitoring on connection. This was someone from the UK, not BT India.

He then ran some tests on the Home Hub 1 I had and found out that it was that causing the problems.


Latest updates from today after spending another hour on the phone with BT was that they forgot to order the part last week and now state that the earliest time the replacement part will be delivered to them to install is Thursday.

I got the feeling that even their level 2 team weren't sure if this would fix the problem.


And my current connection speeds aare 18MB down and 4MB up when I used to get 33MB down (can go higher the engineer said when he tested it) and 7MB up.


Its such a shame that we can't get Virgin Media around here.


So whats this with the Home Hub 5 critical problem? Checking my Home hub, it was last updated in May this year.

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Re: BT gone down hill...

I thought I'd give everyone an update on my saga with BT.


After a few more engineer visits the speed improved to 27mb down and 6mb up.


I've been in contact with one of the BT mods here as they seem to be the only ones interested.


The connection appeared to be stable, even though it always disconnects every 48 hours, why I dont know.


And come back from work today it seems its gone back to **bleep** again with lovely high pings and capped connection at about 24mb and 5mb up.


Yes I've restarted the hub and checked all the connections but with every restart my speeds seems to go even lower and lower.


I've checked my neighbours and funny enough not all of them have the same issues even though we all share the same telephone mast in our cul-de-sac.


According to Openreach's own website, my cabinet is meant to be support 48mb down and according to their line tests I am suppost to get between 34 and 38mb down.


Why can't BT sort this **bleep** out once and for all?

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Re: BT gone down hill...

ive had my fair share over the last 2 years so i feel your pain.


when the external fault is finally fixed you will still most prob get dropping speeds. you need another engineer to the house to plug his box of tricks into the phone socket to reset everything ( this is what happened to me).


phone was fixed on wednesday last week. engineer said he wasnt trained on infnity but everything should be reset automatically. by friday i was down to 17 so rang again and this time said complaint. these calls go to a different dept and even though still india this bloke didnt go through the usual tests. within 2 days everything was sorted.


even though nothing was booked an engineer turned up at 8.15am last sunday and spent 20 minutes sending tests over the line and since then im on a continous 52mbps ever since.


i few tips ive found that helps when youve got an on going fault.

if you ring the normal fault phone number you will have to go through the usual call card reading from india.

you will then have to agree to the £129.99 call out as there is no fault on the line blah blah blah.


if you phone after 8pm there is a one in ten chance of actually getting through to the uk call centre. 2 times out of about 19  for me so dont hold your breath.

when the automated message asks "say in a few words the problem" say make a complaint. this will put you through to someone else higher up the food chain. for the 2 times ive done that they actually do take the notes down and luckily for me have sorted the problem quite quickly.


all i can say is, good luck.


BT bring the call centres back to the UK


can you also run these for us  after the first test run further diagnostics (enter phone number in top box) and then post the screen shots.

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Re: BT gone down hill...

Thanks for the info.

I'm currently at work will try the tests again this evening but I'm not holding my hopes up.


What gets me is that my connection resets itself every 24 hours and the longest I've managed to stay connected was about 48 hours since the engineer came out last.


I know my line can cope with the higher speed because back in June when I kicked up a fuss with BT again after nothing happening for weeks, the engineer replaced the cables in the cabinet and I was running on a smooth 37mb down and 10mb up.


Of course that didn't last longer than a few days as my connection reset itself every day.


I've got screenshots etc of all the speedtests and the ones Openreach did themselves which I sent to the support agent.


The last engineer said you would never get more than 28mb down and when I questioned him and showed him the results from his previous engineers he just said "No idea then".


I have to say though, the only person who ever cared to check if everything was OK, was one of the Mods here.


The last engineer never even phoned to say its all back up or to check if it has improved after he went to the cabinet up the road. He just left and I sat waiting there for another 3 hours with no answer.

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Re: BT gone down hill...

As requested, I've ran the speedtest and such. Screenshots attached.











Once again I come home and my connection is reset.


I was told that 22mb down and 5mb up is OK in BT's opinion.


My question is, which no one seems to answer when I ask this on the phone: Why does my connection always reset every 24 - 30 hrs?

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