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BT infinity 2/BT HUB5 , TP-link archer D2 adsl2+

so i have got BT infinity 2  "70mbps"  with a BT HUB 5 router which is connected to Openreach  master Socket on the wall via ADSL cable.on the router it says ADSL plug as well .as i am having some problems with online gaming,i bought a TP-link Archer D2 phoneline AC750 ADSL2+ modem router.

I am bit confused because when i am going through the Quick connection setup steps from the ip address of tplink,it wont connect to the internet.first of all the auto connect wizard cannot detect the connection type,the ADSL LED keeps bleeping,vanishing and reappearing.i am directed to "NO,configure myself".still nothing.i unscrewed the socket and used splitter and connected to TP-link via ADSL still no progress.


Some people say BT infinity2 is connected through VDSl while some say its ADSL and thus ADSL2+ are not what am i doing wrong here.could anyone out there explain it to me please.I am very confused with what connection i have got.


i have got

BT INFINITY 2, BT HUB5, 70mbps,connected to Openreach master socket.

TP-link Archer D2 AC750 ADSL2+ modem router.


new router cannot deted the connection,however can manually set up but wont have any internet connection.

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Re: BT infinity 2/BT HUB5 , TP-link archer D2 adsl2+

Infinity is vdsl, your adsl2+ modem router will not work. You either need a separate openreach modem or get a vdsl modem/ router such as the tp link td w9980
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Re: BT infinity 2/BT HUB5 , TP-link archer D2 adsl2+

I have similar issue.  I have super fast broadband (so not Infinity on Fibre) which is the old copper line and I only get 7meg top speed.  I have tried teh TP Link AC1750 ADSL 2 and it wont accept the broadband connection.  Called TP and tried everything but the light keeps flashing.  TP have offered to swap the box, but as someone who has had connectivity problems for many months, I suspect its the BT end...

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Re: BT infinity 2/BT HUB5 , TP-link archer D2 adsl2+

You have an older ADSL modem which is not compatible with the newer VDSL tech which superfast broadband and infinity both use. Same product just different branding.

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