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for 10 days now. my infinity and BTvision have been barely useable, as they are again tonight. i am sick to death of having to speak to patronising pakistani's all because BT refuse to pay staff a decent wage to have an english speaking customer service dept.

for the last 6 days i have speedtested at Indias request and just as tonight, i have a speed result as follows,

0.19 download

0.02 upload

0.00 ping latency


if i ask for an engineer to call and check on the problem, i have been told by the patronising pakistani lady that i am likely to be charged £90 for the pleasure of the engineer trying to restore my product to its advertised settings.

super fast broadband, my **bleep**. i am profiled at 73mb and my acceptable speed is above 21mb, but according to BT India i should pay £90 to achieve this. I ALREADY PAY MONTHLY £44 for the dis- pleasure of BT. My 'to do' list for tomorrow = cancel my direct debit to BT and never associate with such a shoddy company EVER again

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Re: BT=infinity=India=disgraceful

that is a standard warning if the problem is caused by your internal wiring after the master socket or your own equipment any other call out is free

are you using a wired or wireless connection?
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Re: BT=infinity=India=disgraceful

I now how you feel, i to have spent hours over the last 2 weeks to tech support, if you listen everything you say gets typed out into their computer and that gives them the answer, they might aswell use the chimps at monkey world they probley have more sense.

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Re: BT=infinity=India=disgraceful

i am wireless and wired.i have just come off the phone after complaining to India AGAIN. wife is pulling her hair out trying to watch Vision, but it has froze and gone off line yet again.

BT I ndia took remote access of my laptop and did a wired and wireless test

wired =

6.25mb download

3.66mb upload

23.47 ping


wireless =

1.22mb download

0.13mb upload

0.44 ping


India stated that my I.P profile for my line is 58mb(in my dreams).........and their relpy was "to monitor it"

Absolutely disgraceful and uncaring attitude towards customers. shame on you BT

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Re: BT=infinity=India=disgraceful

They are useless I have been on the phone for 2 hours so far not one of the "tech" team seem to have a clue or are being vague on purpose !!
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Re: BT=infinity=India=disgraceful

@stanway wrote:

if you listen everything you say gets typed out into their computer and that gives them the answer,

I am afraid that is how all help desks are nowadays. Have you ever rung NHS direct?  They use the same method to diagnose problems, and they are dealing with peopls lives and not just a slow broadband connection.

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Re: BT=infinity=India=disgraceful

well 3hrs last night on phone to India before they managed to find out I had a contract for BT infinity !!!!!!!!!

And thats the tech support  !!!!????!!!!!, they told me to call back this morning !!!!!!



Anyone thinking of taking up this service read this thread !!!



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Re: BT=infinity=India=disgraceful

yes but NHS do not rob me of £44 a month for such a rubbish service, however BT do

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Re: BT=infinity=India=disgraceful

Hi Steve,


It does sound like you have had a bit of a nightmare trying to get your Infinity Broadband sorted. I would like to take a look at this for you as there is clearly an issue with your connection.


Please could your send me in your details using the lin found in the "About Me" section of my profile?





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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Re: BT=infinity=India=disgraceful

Congratulations Steve,


looks like some one connected to BT may at least look at your issue instead of ducking out.. Really poor that we have to resort to complaining on forums when BT have a tech help line.


why don't BT have a UK based tech centre??? Perhaps Paddy may wish to answer that.

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