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BT moved my line back to a faulty line?

Hello all, 

I have been having an issue with my Internet for over a year now whereby its speed is drastically slower than quoted and I have consistent ping spikes up to 1500ms (see image)


This issue was finally resolved yesterday and SFI engineer informed me it was due to a heavily corroded alliminuum line I was on. He moved us over to a new line and we saw our speeds increase x10 and the steady constant ping spikes were gone.

That was until 1pm today when our Internet dropped out momentarily and once returned it was back to the same issues. 2mb/s download and the exact same ping spikes with the exact same frequency. 

My only conclusion is that an engineer has swapped us back to the old corroded line for some reason ?

I have spoken to BT today but can't sort anything until next week. 

so frustrating to have such a long standing issue be solved and then unsolved in the space of 24 hours.


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Re: BT moved my line back to a faulty line?

Screenshot 2021-02-04 163319.jpghere is a screenshot showing the issue persists across all servers pinged rather than just one, also just thought it may have been openreach that moved my line back as opposed to BT 

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Re: BT moved my line back to a faulty line?

... or the line he moved you onto was also aluminium and just as poor and DLM has acted or it could be that the engineer flannelled you and all he did was a DLM reset which increased the speeds temporarily until DLM kicked in again and reduced the speed to try and maintain a connection due to the line being so poor.

See link about DLM. Although this is a Plusnet site it is just as relevant for BT.

FTTC DLM - What it is & How it works - Plusnet Community

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Re: BT moved my line back to a faulty line?

Could very well be the case, but in that case what is causing the return of the ping spikes.

As you can see from the graphs its a pretty distinctive regular spike.

Perhaps I was too hasty to assume the line was swapped back.

Yesterday after the fix we had 54 down and stable 17ms to Amsterdam. After the short downtime today we are back to below 5 often below 1 mbs 

With 17 ping as normal but spikes to 1500 every 5 seconds 

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