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Bad connection quality and ping spikes

Been dealing with really bad connection quality for the past month. Since April my download speed takes ages to hit max throughput.

Everytime I do a test on thinkbroadband i get this result:

'Quality 3.09(F) is worse than average 0.38 on your ISP(A) for VDSL2/FTTC'. I used to get 0.10 everytime...

The test is done hard wired, with no other devices running.

I also have QoS/Fair Queuing on my router to keep ping stable when a lot of bandwidth is being used but that doesn't even work anymore. I get ping spikes every second the moment I start saturating my connection.

Would also like to mention I've done the quiet line test with a wired phone and there's no noise.

I think there is congestion on the vlan I'm connected  to and I'd like to know if I can get changed to a different one, thank you.

Picture of test:
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Re: Bad connection quality and ping spikes

Ok, turns out both firefox and chrome were messing up the test.

I tried Internet Explorer and it performed as expected.

Oops... Moderator(s), feel free to close the thread.

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