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Best VDSL router to replace a Homehub 5?

I've finally reached the end of my tether with the Homehub 5, with apalling wifi speeds, regular disconnections, its lack of DLNA support, and its general lack of reliability.  It's the worst router I have ever used by a gigantic margin.


That said, I'm also not a fan of clutter, so the idea of buying an old Openreach modem from eBay then adding a seperate router doesn't really appeal. I'm after a direct Homehub replacement, an all in one box which will just work and give me reliable wifi which doesn't slow down randomly to sub 1mbit whenever it feels like it.  It would certainly have to be dual band, and preferably support 802.11 a/c. Also something which looks decent as it will be in the living room and not hidden away somewhere.


Also, how easy is it to swap out the Homehub? I used to be with Virgin before I moved house and lost access to cable, and with them I used the two box modem and router solution. I was messy but it meant the login stuff was all handled automatically by the Virgin modem, leaving me to plug in my own super fast router to serve up wifi. With an all in one box to replace the Homehub, would I need to do any set-up?


Thanks all.

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Re: Best VDSL router to replace a Homehub 5?

Have a look at this thread.


It is easy to replece the HH5. Unplug it and plug in the new VDSL modem/router. Go into its management pages and enter the user name A password id not needed by if the router needs one us anything you want or just use BT.

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