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Broadband Speed Drop - Odd Signal Attenuation Stat

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About 2 weeks ago my broadband speed dropped from the usual 33-35mbps to 18-23mbps. BT were meant to send an engineer today but he didn't show up and when I contacted them they said he didn't need access to the property and the issue had been fixed on 26th September. There's been no improvement in my speeds though, so they have booked another engineer to come.

When I do a speedtest from the hub and nobody is using the internet it always comes back with the speed of 23.2mbps exactly, never any higher. Looking at my line stats the only really odd stat that jumps out at me is the signal attenuation of 6.3 / -104.5. Looking at the stats others have posted on here I've never seen anyone else with a negative number for this. I'm not really sure what signal attenuation means though, so whether it is a problem.

I have a stay fast guaranteed contract with a minimum speed of 32mbps and I've always got around this speed previously most of the time.

The BT customer support person I was speaking today said they think their might be some sort of radio signal in the area causing interference on the line. The line tests I do come back clear though and there's no noise on the line.

Here are my stats. Any explanation on what they mean and if there's anything that's obviously causing the slow speeds would be appreciated. The hub as only been up a day as I had a brief power cut yesterday, but prior to that I had left it on for at least a week and there was no improvement in the speed.

Product nameBT Smart Hub 2
Serial number1908096717
Fireware versionv0.13.03.02221-BT (Fri Feb 22 19:56:36 2019)
Board versionR01
GUI version1.55 12_12_2018
DSL uptime1 days 0 Hours 2 Mins 13 Secs
Data rate6.7 Mbps / 25.0 Mbps
Maximum Data rate6.8 Mbps / 32.8 Mbps
Noise margin6.1/6.9
Line attenuation6.3/20.5
Signal attenuation6.3/-104.5
VLAN id101
Upstream error controlOff
Downstream error controlOff
Data sent / received1.2 GB Uploaded / 2.1 GB Downloaded
BT Wi-FiActive
2.4 GHz wireless network nameBT-R5A2N3
2.4 GHz wireless channelSmart (Channel11)
5 GHz wireless network nameBT-R5A2N3
5 GHz wireless channelSmart (Channel36)
Wireless SecurityWPA2 (Recommanded)
Wireless modeMode 1
MAC address78:DD:12:23:CF:F0
Software variant-
Boot loader 0.1.7-BT (Thu Nov 30 09:45:22 2017)
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Re: Broadband Speed Drop - Odd Signal Attenuation Stat

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On another thread about slow speeds someone had advised disconnecting the phone line from the hub for about 20 seconds to reset the line stats so I did this and signal attenuation is now 26.2, which seems pretty normal to me.

Speed hasn't improved though. My data rate on the router technical log always shows 24.999 Mbps as maximum, even though I should be able to get higher speeds. Does this mean my speed is banded and being capped at that maximum speed?

If a profile is banded I thought the system automatically reset it after about 5 days, but prior to me disconnecting the line last night my router had been connected for over 5 days and data rate hadn't changed.


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Re: Broadband Speed Drop - Odd Signal Attenuation Stat

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Hi @Matt_UK 

Welcome and thanks for posting!

Sorry for the speed issues you're having with your broadband and that the speed has dropped below your minimum guaranteed.  Signal attenuation is an odd one for sure on the first screenshot you posted 🤔

It does look like the downstream speed has been banded.  This normally happens when DLM picks up circuit drops.  Have you noticed any disconnections recently when you were using it?  Provided the connection is stable the banding should automatically release but the time this takes varies.

Lets see what we can do for you from here.  I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: Broadband Speed Drop - Odd Signal Attenuation Stat

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Hi @Matt_UK thanks for speaking with me this morning, I'm really glad the engineer repaired your line this morning and your broadband is up and running at its optimum speed again. 😀

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Re: Broadband Speed Drop - Odd Signal Attenuation Stat

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Thanks @NeilO and @RobbieMac for your help. He just needed to reset the line to get the speed back up. He made a slight change to the wiring coming into the master socket as he said although it wasn't causing an issue on the line it could make the system think there was a fault.