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Broadband connection dropping, hub restarting itself, weak signal

I'm just really getting fed up with BT and regretting switching from Virgin so I'm just checking whether others are experiencing similar issues. My broadband connection keeps cutting out randomly so we have to reset the hub several times a week. The hub also randomly restarts itself so you're at in the lounge and suddenly no look up and the blue hub light is now orange and flashing or green or steady orange. There are no line faults in my area according to their site and the broadband checker doesn't get past the first page where i have to enter my phone number. We had a similar problem a few months ago and they supposedly fixed after making us go through a lot of unnecessary diagnostics. Clearly it didn't work so i need to make sure i go in with the right info so any help on that would also be appreciated.
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Re: Broadband connection dropping, hub restarting itself, weak signal

Hi vglass,


Please post your BT Home Hub 5 line stats: > Troubleshooting > Helpdesk.


Please do a BT speedtest:


Please post results from BT DSL Checker. Remember to delete out phone number.

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Re: Broadband connection dropping, hub restarting itself, weak signal

If your connection is dropping and the orange light is coming on on the Homehub this usually indicates either a faulty Homehub or a problem with your broadband connection.


Either way you will need to contact BT and report a fault to them. Tell them that you would like an engineer out to investigate the fault. This will no doubt require you to do their diagnostics again but do not be fobbed of with them saying there is nothing wrong or that they will monitor your line.