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Broadband disconnections

I’ve been suffering constant broadband disconnections for pretty much the last 3-4 years. They are very brief, ie 2-3 minutes, the SH2 lights go orange then reconnect. We’ve  done a quiet line test and there’s no noise. BT installed a new master socket 5C , an open reach engineer came out last year and changed the hub cable and said the connection in the cabinet needed re crimping( which after his visit did seem to resolve the issue for a few weeks) but I’m now back to square one.Trying to talk to BT again is hopeless as there’s no ability to actually talk as it’s all automated. 
im now getting desperate so was wondering if anyone has any thoughts or if a moderator could take a look please.

Thank you

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Re: Broadband disconnections

have you tried connecting to test socket with filter to see if that helps stability

can you post SH2 stats - advanced setting then technical log information

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Re: Broadband disconnections

I haven’t tried connecting to the test socket, how do you open the 5C cover to access it?

my stats are below.Technical log.pngTechnical log 2.png


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Re: Broadband disconnections

BT finally called me and said his screen showed all the disconnections I was getting but all he was getting on his system was a list of “tips” to help me. Fat lot of use that is. He then said he’s tweaked my hub from their end to see if there is any improvement. From what I’ve read on here, I suspect that’s a load of nonsense.

would be great if a moderator here could help.


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