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Broadband disconnects every night

Hi, yet again, More issues with BT broadband. This one has gone on ever since I had BT Broadband, at first it wasn't too bad as I was in bed when the router disconnects. Now, I am working at night and need a stable broadband. Alas, BT cannot provide me with this.

Can anyone shed light on this problem. Why every single night around 12.30am my broadband connection crashes. It has now been going on ever since I swapped over from Sky broadband to BT, which is now over a year.

I never had this issue when I was with Sky, so why is BT so dreadful service. Yes, I do have to be online at this time of day, in fact, BT has now just cost me a 2 hours of my work, GONE!!!! THANKS BT FOR NOTHING!!!! AND no I could not save it. So I have to start over again.

BT has to be the worst internet provider in the UK.

The reason I have BT after a year, was that I tried to cancel it and was told since I had BT TV, the contract was automatically extended without my knowledge. (great work BT!!!!)

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Re: Broadband disconnects every night

if your hub is dropping conenction at roughly the same time every night then sounds more likely there is interference from something in your home that is causing the drop in connection.  Is there anything that could be casuing it like timer switch, central heating etc

can you post stats from your hub  if hh6 then advanced settings then technical log information

check line for noise  try dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone

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