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Broadband dropped to 1mbs

On this very same date last year, I upgraded to fibre, speed 36mbps (new BTHub6 on 18month contract).

This evening my speed dropped to 1mbps whilst watching Netflix!

I ran a BT speed test and it stated everything was fine, 37.5. (test I did a few days ago was about 36)

I called BT and he too said everything was fine indicating 37.5, so he told me he was going to split my wifi on my router and to monitor it over 48 hrs.

Whilst on the phone with him and subsequently after, test says 35mbps.

I hope it stays like that though!

But please tell me why this has happened?

Im concerned because 2 years ago I had problems which were eventually sorted out by community forum Manager woman (Irish lady) so helpful, and now I’m worried that repeats are happening..


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Re: Broadband dropped to 1mbs

so at present your connection is ok?

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Re: Broadband dropped to 1mbs

Hi Jolly,

Yes, so far it is ok.

I’ll keep monitoring though for 48 hours.

I just don’t understand why though...?

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