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Broadband drops during bad weather only

Does anyone have advice on how i can proceed with this issue. Every time there's a downpour or like now when its windy my broadband drops out. connection comes back after a few minutes and just keeps dropping all the time the weather is bad. Had a new hub sent out went through all the basics line test etc. I'm pretty sure there's no weather indoors so im thinking somethng to do with the overhead line to the pole. Every time I phone the Call centre or use the webchat I get the same test line shows okay send a new hub routine. I've gone through that 4 times. I just want someone to come check the outside line for damage or water ingress. It shouldnt be this hard to get that booked in. Any suggestions on how i can achieve this would be great. 

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Re: Broadband drops during bad weather only

is there any noise on phone line  dial 17070 option 2  should be silent and best with corded phone  any problems report phone fault to 151

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