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Broadband fault - help please - start of a saga with BT and Openreach...

I have Infinity 2.  Generally good and reliable for several years.  On 7th July I reported an intermittent fault that was causing my BB connection to drop out.  Usual diagnostics performed by BT remotely.  Engineer attended on 9th July and concluded that a new replacement cable needed to be laid between the floor box at street level outside my house to the master socket.  As it was explained to me, the problem was attenuation on one of the cable pair running from the floor box that was significant over a short run, suggesting that the cable was damaged and needed to be replaced.

Openreach subcontractor laid new conduit and trench to my front door on 17th July which ends at a small trench at my front door.  I expect this will receive the new cable/external terminal box from where Openreach will install a new master socket or re-cable the existing one.

I currently have an open trench across my front door which is a tripping hazard.

Meanwhile BT have recorded my original fault as "resolved" and cannot tell me what will be done next, or when, to complete the installation.  Openreach cannot help me, saying that information must come my service provider.  Nobody at BT seems willing or able to access any information on the Openreach Service provider portal to help me and since my BB is currently "working" (I have a connection but assume the same underlying fault exists and will continue to cause intermittent problems), they won't register a new open fault.

Can anyone please offer asvice to help me resolve this or a moderator offer any assistance?  Many thanks.

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Re: Broadband fault - help please - start of a saga with BT and Openreach...

did you try contacting openreach as way work left is dangerous

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