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Broadband question in my area

Hey all,


I have been in search for fast internet since 2016, however I have had no luck since and am curious as to why I am so limited.

I have been praying fibre lines would be installed into my village within the last 4 years, however I have come to be aware they haven't, both from Virgin and Open-reach lines.

I am currently using a VDSL line that BT/Openreach installed, and I question why VDSL and not something that can support faster lines? Is there rough dates to expand?


I find it really frustrating, literally 10 minute walk from our village is another village/towns that can get the full potential of both Virgin and BT fibre, however I'm stuck here with 30MB/s which isn't fast enough for today's households. 


I have been on the phone to Virgin, every year since 2016 and they said they cant give me a date but it'll be soon (for 4 years!) and nothings ever happened, and the same result with BT.


My question is; is there any possible way to get faster internet in my current household from any provider? All providers say I am limited to 70MB/s (which is VDSL's maximum bandwidth) however I'm surprised they're not offering upgrades? I currently pay for a 50MB/s package from BT however only get 33MB/s on a good day. I know if I did go for a 70MB/s package I wouldn't get anywhere near those speeds, as I never have and actually downgraded my current package.




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Re: Broadband question in my area

If you cannot get the max fibre 1 speed of 55mb then upgrading to fibre 2 is pointless as your line cannot handle any faster speed

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