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Broadband setup isn't working

I was due to get my BT broadband up and running today. We got the smart hub a couple days previous, set it up, and the lights constantly cycled between flashing purple and orange. Spoke to an advisor, was told this was normal before setup, and on setup day just leave the router running and at some point it will turn on. I was told it could be as late as 11:59 but it WOULD happen that day. It was pretty important it did, as I recently gained custody of two disabled children, both of whom need frequent medical attention and therefore a solid connection and stable phone line is crucial.

Got to about 10pm, the router was still flashing, but now just purple, saying the wire wasn't connected correctly. Spoke to an advisor again, he told me everything was fine, he'd run some tests, and the results said they were literally making last minute adjustments and it's be sorted shortly.

Fifteen minutes after this chat, the last access to customer services closed, so I just sat patiently waiting for it to come on.

It's now 4am, and the router is flashing orange, and occasionally purple. I've tried four different ASDL cables, three power cables, and even changing the filter, all to no effect. I'm becoming extremely concerned, as buying net access via my phone network is getting both expensive and, frankly, isn't fast or reliable enough. Anyone got any ideas? When I go to the my BT App's account and device info, it tells me I don't have any broadband account connected to my BT account, however the My BT app lets me connect to the hub, but the hub info says "your smart hub is working, but not connected to the internet. Please check your activation" and I haven't a bleedin' clue how to 'check my activation', and since I've been waiting weeks for the broadband to be connected, this is becoming expensive, and BT delaying it means I'm going to have to bite the bullet, pay through the nose for mobile data and look for a provider who can deliver what they promise.

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Re: Broadband setup isn't working

From a machine which is connected to the Smart Hub 2, click here and ensure that the "Full Fibre (FTTP) Mode" switch is in the correct position for your type of connection. You will need to enter the hub Admin password which is printed on a removable card on the back of the hub

A thank you is nice, it makes the effort worthwhile, but a kudo is better, by a country mile. (I'm no poet & boy don't I know it)
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