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Broadband speed deteriorates after landline calls

Over the last few months I have noticed my broadband speed has slowed significantly. On my package I am supposed to get 50mbps. Normally it's closer to 30mbps, however these days it's often around 9mbps. After doing some of the checks suggested on the BT website I have seen that after a router restart it tends to go back up to 30mbps.

When we use the landline (not that often) you can see the lights on the router change to orange, and the line quality on the phone goes really bad (barely usable). Once the call has ended the router lights go back to blue, and the speed will be poor again, until the next router restart.

Any sugestions for a permanent fix for this?

Cheers, Ian.

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Re: Broadband speed deteriorates after landline calls

try connecting to the test socket with a filter and see if that stabilises the line  

try quiet line test  dial 17070 option 2  should be quiet and best with corded phone  also check your extension sockets to make sure there is no dial tone when in test socket

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