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Broadband speed drops to 0 but hub is blue

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This has been happening to our Fibre Halo 3+ for a few months despite several engineer visits including openreach SFIs.

Our speed can drop several times a day to 0mbps, ping can be non existant, on all devices whether wired or wireless.  The Hub doesn't drop and remains blue.  The speed drop could last 5 mins or it can go on for several hours before returning to normal speed.  Streaming and working from home becomes a lottery if the problem goes on for any length of time.


It's literally as if someone at BT is throttling the connection when they feel like it.


All internal equipment has been changed (Hub, wall socket, cables etc).  Engineers are baffled.  It is really frustrating when we've had no issues for several years.


Any thoughts?




Router info:


Product name BT Smart Hub 2 Serial number 2.11E+09

Firmware version v0.41.00.07076-BT (Fri Jul 7 12:56:34 2023)

Board version R01

GUI version 1.79 12_06_2022 DSL uptime 0 days 2 Hours 9 Mins 26 Secs Data rate 7.1 Mbps / 46.2 Mbps Maximum Data rate 7.1 Mbps / 47.2 Mbps Noise margin 6.1/3.2 Line attenuation 10.4/21.6 Signal attenuation 10.4/25.5 VLAN id 101 Upstream error control Off

Downstream error control Off

Data sent / received 2.1 GB Uploaded / 1.5 GB Downloaded Broadband username

Public Wi-Fi Not active

2.4 GHz wireless network name BT-N8ATRJ 2.4 GHz wireless channel Smart (Channel1) 5 GHz wireless network name BT-N8ATRJ 5 GHz wireless channel Smart (Channel36) Wireless Security WPA2 (Recommanded) Wireless mode Mode 1 Firewall On MAC address A4:CE:DA:72:D7:00 Software variantBoot loader 0.1.7-BT (Thu Nov 30 09:45:22 2017)

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Re: Broadband speed drops to 0 but hub is blue

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Same issue. Been through the fixes and now waiting a call back.

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Re: Broadband speed drops to 0 but hub is blue

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I've resolved this after 3 months of backwards/forwards with BT and doing my own investigations.

There were a couple of issues externally with the cab and a cross talk error on the line.  However, I've also narrowed this down to MS Onedrive hogging the Internet speed when uploading to the cloud.   It would literally cut the speed to any other devices....resulting in the devices getting limited to no bandwidth until the upload had finished.


To get around this there is an option within onedrive to limit the bandwidth it uses.  I've set this at 250kbps, done a load of tests and all is now well with other devices and their speeds when onedrive is uploading.


Hopefully that might help others.