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Broadband speed test

Not really fibre. Fibre to the cabinet. However, I had a problem with broadband speed recently and had two engineer visits. Second one replaced wall socket and when he left said speed was around 60 mb/s. Seemed a bit slow on my PC (wire connected to the router) so I ran a BT Wholesale speed test (when I try to run a speed test on MY BT it keeps returning to the fault report and won't run the speed test). Also ran speed tests from Which and uSwitch and a couple of others. They vary but show speeds of 7.5 mb/s and 9 mb/s. Oddly upload speed is around 16 mb/s. When I rang BT the guy checked it and said it was showing 58 at his end. He got me to download a speed checker on my mobile and sure enough, even via wifi it was showing around 58. 

Anybody any idea why the speed tests on the (desktop - relatively new i5 PC are showing the wrong speed?


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