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Broadband speeds keep dropping

I Keep my router/modem on continuously. I never turn it off or reset it. My speeds have dropped from 142mbps to 97 mbps in the last 14 days since we had the engineer out for a third time!!!! So what is causing my speeds (which I am paying for) to keep dropping below your 100Mbps guarantee. Is it the router or a bad line? I've been told both are fine. The router is resetting approx every couple of days all by itself. Didn't have this trouble with my Home Hub 5 I now have a smart hub 2 which I was told I had to buy as my Hub 5 couldn't cope with the faster speeds. Is this true?? I have also had the line checked, cabinet checked, new face plate and engineers out on at least three separate occasions now. The same thing has happened each time after their visits. The speeds gradually drop over time (usually with a couple of weeks) I upgraded when given an offer by BT. I was told I had to buy the new modem, which I did. Not a happy person right now. It seems my Home Hub 5 was up to the Job, according to my goggle results, so why was I told to buy a new smart hub?? I am now monitoring my smart hub2 and it's DSL disconnects. 

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Re: Broadband speeds keep dropping

I'm assuming you are on Ultrafast which the mods here do not currently support.

Contact the Ultrafast team directly on 0800 800 030.

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