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I am encountering broadband speed issues from last three years. I was continually keep on paying for faster package with no significant increase in speed lasdt year aI paid for a smart hub and after weeks ago paid for "Plus" package.

There was no change the wired speed was no more than 17 mb and wifi was 3mb in bed rooms. Inverted £44 to buy a repater. The service was still the same as opposed to 56Mb.

Must the enginner came as requested on timer and spent considerable time to check and able to find fault with the cabinet. The following day an engineer from Openreach stated that there are 20 complaints in last weekalone from the street. We live in West London.

It a week no response from BT. The speed have gone worse. Any advice as to what option is open to us,


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Re: Broadband

Welcome to this user forum.

In order to find out what services and speed range you should be getting, please enter your phone number into this form.
Broadband availability checker

Please remember to edit out your phone number before you post the results.

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.

If you are using the BT Smart hub you can get your connection stats by, Opening a new web browser on your connected device and type or bthomehub.home into the address bar. This will open the Hub Manager.  Click Advanced Settings’ and then ‘Technical log’

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Re: Broadband

Hi @Ravi02,

I'm sorry you're not happy with the speed of your connection. If you can try the steps as suggested by @Keith_Beddoe this will give us a good indication of how your connection is performing and what can be done to improve your speeds.



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