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Bt Infinity Upgrade

Ive just checked the btopenzone website for my postcode and my exchange shows as DOWNTON cab 4 and is "Accepting Orders" however when i call bt to upgrade to Infinity they say it is not available in my area yet. Can you tell me when cab 4 will be upgraded and also when i will be able to place an order.

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Re: Bt Infinity Upgrade

If you have a BT phone please put your phone number into the DSL checker and see if it says its available to you here
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Re: Bt Infinity Upgrade

Up until recently you could email Openreach and ask when your cabinet was likely to be upgraded however Openreach are no longer giving out that information, instead they are replying:-

Thank you for your contact to us. Please note that we will not be responding to you by email but, would like to point you to the Openreach Superfast Fibre website and the FAQ section that will provide answers to the most commonly asked questions. It will also provide links to those service providers that sell fibre broadband at the moment so you can check if your particular line is enabled.

So in short, you just need to keep checking to see if your cabinet has been up graded.

If you use this checker it will tell what cabinet you are on and what services it can receive

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