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CONSTANT slow speeds.

Hello, this is very frustrating now. Paying for a service and getting 0 help.


The amount of times I've rang BT, they just tell me some nonsense.


One time I got sent a new Hub, did nothing. Got sent a BT dongle, done nothing. Got sent a Wi Fi extender, every 5 seconds it'll swap between "too far" "too close" and "perfect range" so I can never even have proper Wi Fi in the dead spots of my house.


This is the current speed I am getting.


The last time I called up, the woman was 0 help at all. Just made me rename my 5GHz connection (for whatever reason I do not know) and of course renaming it did nothing, my broadband is still slow.


I've used a WiFi analyser to see what channels on my road are in use, and BT's "smart wireless" decided to put me on the channel the whole street uses! Changing channels has done nothing.


I pay for the highest broadband package as I rely on it a lot (gaming, video uploading etc) but I have NEVER got close to the speeds I pay for. It's ridiculous. Only if I am direct with an ethernet lead do I get fast speeds. But that's not an option when my bedroom is upstairs and I do not wish to have 50ft ethernet cables running through the whole house.


Sooo.. If anyone can help that would be good? Because ringing BT's customer service is just a waste of my time. I must've called 20 times since I changed ISP and I sure am regretting it 🙂

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Re: CONSTANT slow speeds.

unfortunately no ISP will guarantee wireless speeds as there are to many external sources of interference BT will only accept speed problems if they are on a wired connection
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Re: CONSTANT slow speeds.

I've had fibre optic with other companies and got similar speeds on wireless. I don't even get a quarter of the speeds I should get when I'm connecting wirelessly.

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Re: CONSTANT slow speeds.

Have you tried using powerline adapters?


i am surprised as a gamer that you are using wireless as majority of gamers using a cable connection to avoid the problems you describe with wifi

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