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Cabinet Migration Request

Hi there,

I've recently moved from the centre of Biggleswade to an estate on the edge of town in to a 6 year old house and I was surprised to find out that it has very slow internet compared to newer estates (>4 years old) in the immediate area which were built very shortly after.

I have researched into why my estate has slow internet, it turns out that the entire estate is connected to a cabinet (Biggleswade 21) that is over a kilometer away along the main road. The cabinet I am connected to has FTTC however, as I am very far from the cabinet we can only get 22Mbps at off peak times using a ADSL filtered face plate on the master socket.

There is a new cabinet (Biggleswade 32) that has FTTC which is just over 100m away from my house on the main road and I believe if myself and the other residents were relocated to this new cabinet we could all benefit significantly from speeds of up to 80Mbps due to the significantly reduced copper distance.

To me this looks like our lines should have been migrated when the cabinet was placed and has yet to be reported as a problem, other residents have complained about how bad the internet is yet they have not contacted anyone with the power to fix it.

When I search for available deals using my post code on the BT website I get speeds of up to 21Mbps, if i choose a post code from the estate over the road they are able to get speeds of up to 73Mbps. I want to upgrade to faster speeds and will do once this issue is fixed.

I have used online tools to obtain the above information:

I have also contacted my local council about their Superfast broadband rollout program and I was told they may or may not look at my area in the future and that we were not included in the next phase they were running (not the most helpful response). 

I feel powerless in rectifying the issue as I believe this estate should be able to get faster internet so that it is on par with the rest of the town and as new estates are being built on the neighbouring land around us it looks as if we are being left behind in the technological broadband progression. There are a few Openreach engineers I've seen out and about working to supply the new estates here, I just wish they could look into our issue.

Thank you reading, If anyone could shed some light on what I could do next that would be great. (I'm thinking about contacting a local councillor about the issue next)

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Re: Cabinet Migration Request

Good luck with your efforts but with no help from your BDUK scheme I would doubt you will get anywhere as it has been posted on here very many times that Opencreach will not pay the huge costs just to move anyone on speed grounds

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Re: Cabinet Migration Request

To save repeating everything, have a look through this thread.