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Cabinet Migration woes


I've been a BT Fibre customer since end of last year having been guaranteed a minimum of 50mb speed thanks to a brand new cabinet outside my house. They did not hook me up to that cabinet for fibre and instead connected me to an old cabinet a mile away and so I have been getting 16mb maximum.

Having gone through complaints and 3 openreach engineers, the last of which was last week, all have advised me I need migrating to the new cabinet outside which is 100% fibre ready and has active fibre connections now. The last Engineer named Charlie was fantastic and spent an hour trying to get in touch with routing solutions and kept hitting brick walls himself within the system and this was openreach themselves having issues internally!

Last update was Openreach have updated the routing list to show my telephone goes through that new cabinet now however they closed the ticket saying it is complete, but nothing has changed for my connection and it is still at the old cabinet. 

BT have now thrown their hands in the air and say they have tried to get openreach to sort things but given up now and offer me early cancellation with no charges. Kinda pointless because I need internet and am not in a cable area so would be stuck with Openreach connecting me even if I got a different ISP so would still be back at square one.

How can I get this resolved? If I look as a new customer for BT Infinity, it is offering 80mb and says I would get minimum 78mb speed due to the routing saying I should go through this new cabinet. This is what it showed when I signed up last year and still not getting this. This is surely false advertisement if BT cannot get Openreach to put me in the right advertised cabinet for the service offered to me?

What can I do? BT refuse to escalate further and will not attempt to fix the issue? My speed is getting lower every month due to distance to old cabinet, hence the new one being installed. 

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Re: Cabinet Migration woes

I doubt there is anything you can do. BT have tried their best to get Openreach to change things. Openreach for what ever reason have not made any changes.

BT, in line with their "guaranteed minimum speed" policy have offered you the option to cancel and that will be their final offer so even if you made a formal complaint and went to a deadlock letter and the Ombudsman nothing would change because it is not in BT's power to change your cabinet.

As regards false advertising, BT will have based that speed on the estimate given by Openreach. They cover an estimate with the following and if they can not meet the minimum speed they let you leave without penalty, which is what they have offered you:-

"BT always offers you the best speed possible on your line. Typically 80% of customers receive speeds within or above this range. The speed prediction we have given here is an estimate, however download speeds can vary and the actual download speed will fall within a range. The BT Broadband range is an indication of the speed that other similar lines across the UK have achieved for their broadband service.

The actual speed depends on several factors such as the product option you choose, the processing power of your computer, how many people are using your broadband connection at the same time, whether you use a wireless or cable connection, the speed of the websites that you visit and the performance of our network. Speeds to be lower at peak times – peak times are evenings and weekend.

In the first ten days you may see your speed go up and down. When using a postcode only (rather than a telephone number) the checker results are less accurate. We use a best guess of where you live based on the centre point of the postcode and not the exact routing of the line to your address, and so the result must be treated with caution".