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Can we get FTTP??

Hi, new to the forum but am hoping someone can help/give advice.
We've had conflicting opinions on whether we can get broadband at our property - of any type but especially fibre.
Plusnet are adamant we can but an Openreach engineer today said no chance. A second Openreach engineer later said it's all set up across the road from the property for FTTP.
We performed the check on the BT wholesale link and the form says FTTP is available, but then in writing below the table it says it isn't!! Help!
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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Can we get FTTP??

If you use this checker it will tell what cabinet you are on and what services it can receive.

Use your phone number. If you don't have a BT number use the address checker. It is more accurate than the post code checker which can cover more than one cabinet.

If you post a screen shot of the results an explanation will be given. Make sure you remove your phone number before posting.

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