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Cancelling broadband

I have been with BT just over 3 months now and I’m having Speed problem. I’m currently paying for between 50-71 mbps. The highest I’ve had is 41mbps. In the order confirmation it states the lowest speed I will be provided is 42mbps. So I’m currently paying for broadband speed that is lower then their lowest estimate... so I’m well within my rights to cancel my broadband. Anyways, I raised this issue today with BT who done loads of speed tests over the phone and had me connecting my hub to the speed test point etc. And they’ve come back with a speed reading of 44mbps. Still not between 50-71 I’m meant to be paying for. And they’ve suddenly managed to get the broadband speed to scrape past their minimum estimate of 42mbps. I was told by the technician to keep my hub connected to the speed test point within the housing. In an ideal world I should just be able to connect it into the slot and away we go without having to unscrew the filter etc. I had to deal with a rude and sarcastic advisor who was trying to argue with me when I stated this wasn’t acceptable and I should have internet above the minimum speeds without having to use the speed test connection. Apparently my internet is below the minimum reading as there’s a fault with my lines and filters etc. Sounds like an excuse there saying to stop me from having grounds to cancel. Then they suggest I pay £129 to have an engineer come out and fix my apparent problem. I’m absoltely livid with the customer service I have received and wish to cancel this contract as I’m paying for something which I am not receiving. Where do I stand with this? As if I want to cancel I have to pay over £400 in charges! when bt are failing in providing me with the minimum broadband speeds. I will never use BT again for anything after this experience.
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Re: Cancelling broadband


Complaints handling

If your broadband service has been activated or regraded, and if your line speed is lower that promised after 10 days, then you are entitled to a free visit from an Openreach broadband technician to fix the issue, but you must report it right away.
Repeated disconnections would also cause the line speed to drop, so the cause needs to be investigated.

You must report the slow speed within 90 days of your service being activated.

See Early Life Failures - moderator post

If the above applies to you, then please reply on your existing BT forum thread, or start a new one, so a visit can be arranged.

Action to take when download speed are dropping during peak times

Do not attempt to cancel if your speed is not as promised, please follow process as described on this page.

Cancellation terms

Cancellation of your service will be subject to the following conditions:

  • the fault must be reported within the first 90 days of your contract start date
  • speed faults will not be accepted within the first 10 days initial stabilisation period
  • all checks within your home must be completed as requested by our Helpdesk advisors
  • at least one engineer visit must be accepted if your line speed result from the BT Wholesale speed test   is below the Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed
  • BT are allowed up to 28 days to resolve the fault

You will be able to cease without penalty if BT is still unable to improve the speed measured by the BT Wholesale speedtest above your Minimum Guaranteed Access Line Speed.
The Minimum Guaranteed Speed relates to line speed only, not to download speeds.

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Re: Cancelling broadband

@Deandon I'm really sorry about the problems with your connection speed, please can you post your router stats and the results from the bt wholesale speed tester and we'll be happy to take a look?

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